Aromatic Food with Tribal Flavour

Afghanistan is a country of the rigorous cultural and topographical mixture, and we can sense this in the aroma of Afghan foods. Due to a variety of different weathers in the region, there are almost all kinds of spice, vegetable, Halal animals and much more.

You will catch the rice, maize and wheat at its peak in Afghanistan. And due to this, all Afghani iconic food dishes have a blend of these ingredients.


Veg Samosa Potato Cutlets Chaat Aloo Tikki
Spring Roll Mix Veg Dall Bhajia Aloo Papri Chaat
Bhel Puri Paneer Tikka Katchori Dahi Vada

 Chilli Mogo


Seekh Kebab Shami Kebab Chicken Tikka Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Wings Chicken Pakora Masala Fish Reshmi Kebab
Bihari Kebab Lamb Chops Cocktail Samosas Kebab Qu
Nargesi Kebab Kebab Makhlow Tatar Kari Roast Chicken




Borani Banjan Mixed Veg Curry Tham Murch Dalma Kofta Curry


Lamb karahi Ra Ra Lamb Lamb Korma Lamb Pasanda
Lamb Chops Masala Achari Lamb Palak Gosht Aloo Gosht
Qurma Gosht Qurma Kofta Qurma Murgh Qurma Sabzi
Qurma Lobyia (kidney beans) Qurma Bal-e Murgh Qurma Gosht Surkhi Ba Kebab Ran Murgh
kebab Murgh Drost kebab Kofta Murgh Kebab Senai Murgh Wa Samaroq Kebab Mahee
Kebab Akhta Ba Samaroq Sabzi Ba Gosht




Vegetable Biryani Qabeli Palaw Zamarod Palaw Anar Palaw
Jeera Rice Narenj Palaw Zarda Palaw Zerish Palaw



Ashak Spring Roll Turshi Mantu
Firni Jalabi Ras- Malai Ice-cream
Jelly Podin Gulab Jaman Sheryiakh



Naan Roti Garlic Naan Coriander Naan
Rogni Naan Poori


Afghan Catering

In vegetables, there are onions, tomatoes, coriander and garlic, while the utmost consuming fruits are grapes, melon, dates and especially most famed pomegranates. 

Besides, Afghan cuisine also includes rice, curries and roasted meats. 

We are covering all these cuisines in our Afghan catering menu.

 Afghan Cuisine Catering Menu

Afghans are really conscious of their cuisines. We understand this very well, and we like the way they maintained their cultural culinary arts. 

In full swing of seasonal parties and weddings, we convey the quality you deserve. Catering is not merely about presenting the food, and it necessitates to serve the meal with sensible combinations of dishes. 

We are responsible for the perfect grouping of famed and iconic dishes, and we also assist you in adopting the right catering for your invitees. 

Some of our best Afghani meals are:


  • Spring Roll       
  • Mix Veg  
  • Dall Bhajia       
  • Aloo Papri Chaat


  • Bihari Kebab   
  • Lamb Chops    
  • Cocktail Samosas    
  • Kebab Qu
  • Nargesi Kebab
  • Kebab Makhlow Tatar Kari     
  • Roast Chicken

We make sure to serve you with the best halal afghan catering so your guests will reminisce the flavour for a long time.

 Halal Afghan Wedding Catering

Afghani weddings are full of charm, cheerfulness, celebrations and of course a variety of most appealing and appetizing food. A wedding is something higher than merely a family get-together in Afghanistan.  

Soft and tenderized meat is a must-have part of any Afghani wedding. We can set the fire in an outside venue so you can feel more convincing to your home.

A wedding party is nothing more than a meek party if we exclude the assortments of Afghani pulao. 

Pulao is an obligatory part of any happy event in the afghan. Qabli pulao is a well-famed rice dish that is served with steam tenderized lamb meat and some vegetables like carrots.

You can count us in as we have the best chefs from all around the world to conquer your cravings.

Well-Settled Venus with Complete Menus

Besides handout the pure Halal catering in London, we also dispense the comfy and decorated venues. You can instruct us how you like to make your wedding site or we can do it for you. 

Moreover, we can also suggest the perfect groupings of the food items that you should serve to your guests. We can assure you that your event would be going through a smooth track as we will take care of everything.

At the beginning of the event, you can please your guest with tea and light snacks, and we can arrange different deserts after the dinner or lunch is over.

Make the right decision today and make your memorable events more tempting.