Breakfast Catering

Mother of All Meals

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as doctors say. Make your morning meal best with our breakfast catering service in London. 

The breakfast menu may not get attention to what it is supposed to be as the guests are not in a mood to enjoy a meal very early in the morning.

However, at Dawat, we are making every superlative and classic Indian and Pakistani breakfast that people will enjoy.

If you are planning a business meeting very early in the morning, then you probably need to arrange a breakfast catering service to treat your employees well.


Achari Alu Channa Masala Puris Paratha
Kheer/Halwa Mix Barfi Gajer and AmbkaAchar Lassi
Tea/ coffee


Punjabi Style Pakoras Vegetable Samosas Barfi Gulab Jamun
Tea/ coffee 2 types of Chutneys


Croissants (Butter, Almond, Hazelnut) Cake Sandwiches Orange juice
Muffins Tea/ Coffee

Breakfast Catering

And we hear you so that’s why you can rely on us. We have a large variety of the best subcontinental breakfast’s dishes.

We have confidence in our unmatched presentation, and we will take your catering experience to the next level. 

We Offer Healthy Breakfast Catering

Your health is our top priority, and we know how to deal with it. We make it sure to deliver high-quality, hygienic and healthy food to our guests. 

Our all ingredients are 100% pure, and we use grass-fed halal animal meats to prepare our mouth-watering foods. 

Our best serving menu is below.

  • ACHARI ALU       
  • PURIS        
  • TEA/ COFFEE               

Breakfast Buffet Catering

Whether you are looking for party buffet catering or you want to grasp a particular event, we can assist you in any matter. Our buffet plans are perfect for parties and business meetings catering. So arrange your catering with us to intensify your catering experience.

Our diverse buffet cuisine will take you to the peak of gourmet meals and consummate of the serving. Whether you are setting the graduation party or a breakfast meeting, the best you can imagine is our expertise.

Enjoy a blessed morning with our classic morning meal. 

Office Breakfast Catering

Cater your business meeting at Dawat and give us a chance to serve you with our best recipes. Our breakfast catering will assist you with trendy menus, classical cuisines and unmatched servings. 

We believe in elegance, spirits and liberality. Our excel chefs are our arrogance, and they are enormously expert in their fields. 

From traditional delicious paratha to Achari Chana Masala, they are proficient in their work.

Besides the Indian and Pakistani breakfast, we offer the rest of the best customary breakfast menus. 

Now arranging an office breakfast meeting is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to arrange your reservation, and we are at your service.

Choose the enormously luxurious venues for your event. We can set the site according to your essentials. 

However, reserving catering is the responsibility of the customer to arrange it before the event date. And our expert event managers can assist you in making the right decision and event planning. 

Besides the menu we have already arranged, you can ask us if you have any particular menu demand. We will try our best to deliver the service beyond your expectations and will cooperate with you in any scenario.