Lebanese Catering

Art of Levantine Cooking

Lebanese cuisines are the most tempting and versatile in their texture, flavours and culture. The sole reasons for these iconic culinary dishes are the consequences of the kingdom of Ottomans and French settlement in Lebanon. They bring out the best cultured and delicious cuisines under the circumstances of being ruled over.


Hummus Hummus Beiruty Moutabal Baba Ghanoush Lentil & Chicken Soup
Tabouleh Madous Labneh Kabis
Moussaka Bastorma Bammieh B Zeit Kibbeh
Falafel Halloum Meshwi Jawaneh Shanklish
Fatayer Cheese Rekakat Lamb Sambusek Soujuk
Halloumi Cheese Chicken Wings Lahem Meshwe Shish Taouk
Chicken Kafta Kafta Halabieh Kafta Khash-Khash Farruj Meshwe
Lamb Fillet


chicken wings Lahem meshwe Chicken kafta


Shawarma Kibbeh Bilsaynieh Ardy Chawky
Tawayeh Lahem Aubergine Stew Okra Stew Green Bean Stew
Roast Lamb Roast Chicken Lamb with Vegetables and Rice


Ossmallieh Kunefah Baklawa Mouhallabieh
Rice Pudding Fresh Fruit Platter



Naan Roti Garlic Naan Coriander Naan
Rogni Naan Poori


Lebanese Catering

These influences on their kitchen and make them adept at making some culinary that is still ruling over the world.

Having the Lebanese Catering is like a plate of food that you have never delighted in your whole life. We are handing out the best Lebanese catering service in London that will insist you to admire it. 

Lebanese and Middle Eastern Food Caterers in London

We are esteemed to proclaim that Dawat group is presenting the best middle eastern and Lebanon foods with exact royal taste and presenting etiquettes. 

We are serving everything from starters that are called Mezze and to the desserts that are called Katayef. In a nutshell, we can say that you will never regret once you sense your taste buds with Lebanese food.

We have a vast variety of Lebanese cuisine that can blow your mind; however, choosing the right cuisine for your guest may become a tedious job for you. That’s why we are here to assist you out.

The starters are a binding part of serving Lebanese Catering as they are able to tantalize your hunger and emphasizes appealing feelings. 

Lebanese Wedding Halal Food Catering

Arranging a halal food catering in the western world is something that you would be struggling with. You may often find it problematic to find the halal and delicious cuisines at the same place. 

You may find the hundreds of restaurants and caterers in London who are serving the halal food but who can assure the taste and delightfulness of the food? Yes, it is a big concern to find out a halal yet tempting food that you can distribute on your special events like a wedding.

But don’t be fretful any more as Dawat caterers are proficient in delivering 100% halal cater for your wedding along with traditional delicious taste.

Some of our best Lebanese catering items are below.


  • Tabouleh Madous  
  • Labneh    
  • Kabis
  • Moussaka        
  • Bastorma 
  • Bammieh B Zeit       
  • Kibbeh


  • chicken wings 
  • Lahem meshwe       
  • Chicken kafta
We also serve the Arabic Catering

Middle Eastern cuisines are often combined with Arabic cuisines. And we have a wide variety of Arabic culinary so that we can relish you very need with our best service.

Lebanese Parties and Event Planners

Celebrate your birthdays and special ceremonies under the shelter of Dawat restaurants. Our chefs are leading cooking experts in the world. We have hired them due to their most exquisite cocking skills and years of experience in preparing caterings. 

Mark your reservation today, and we will take care of rest of it. We will set the atmosphere and decor the destination of your party, so every invitee will get what they are worthy.

Make sure to call us for booking your reservations.