Punjabi Catering

Spicy Feast for the Ones Who Dare

Punjab has its own traditions and culture that makes it different from the rest of the world. A Punjabi person is a man full of life, happiness and friendliness. And when it comes to food and drinks, Punjab has a remarkable history. 

We at Dawat are really proud of catering the classic Punjabi food with the same traditional aromas and tastes. We can recurrence the Punjabi atmosphere right in our venues with our mouth-watering menu.

Punjabi food is one of the most relish and tasteful in the world. With all organic ingredients and aromatic spices, the Punjabi food can make anyone of its admirers.


Aloo Tikki Veg Money Bags Veg Spring Rolls Veg Cocktail Samosas
Veg Mini Burgers Papri Chaat Chilli Mogo Chilli Paneer
Pani Puri Paneer Tikka Mexican Potato Bites


Fish & Chips Malai Chicken Tikka Hariyali Chicken Tikka Mini Chapli Kebabs
Tempura Prawns Mini Meat Burgers Meat Samosas Chilli Kofta
Chicken Pakora Shrimps


Aloo Papri Chaat Vegetable Samosas Chilli Mogo Paneer Tikka
Chilli Paneer Dahi Balley Daal Pakora Onion Bhajia
Aloo Tikki Spring Rolls Falafel Manchurian Noodles


Masala Fish Chicken Roast Malai Chicken Tikka Chicken Seekh Kebab
Chicken Popcorn Chicken Lollipop Chicken Shashlik Chicken Tikka
Chapli Kebabs Shami Kebab Chilli Lamb Lamb Chops
Chilli Kofta Reshmi Kebab Lamb Seekh Kebab


Aloo Chana Aloo Gobi Aloo Palak Bombay Aloo
Mix Veg Jalfrezi Saag Paneer Malai Kofta Aloo Mattar
Bhindi Masala Daal Makhni Tarka Chana Daal Shahi Paneer Masala
Achari Mix Veg Paneer Kofta Curry Tarka Daal (Masoor) Bainghan ka Bharta


Afghani Chicken Karahi Chicken Tikka Chilli Chicken Achari Chicken
Chicken Korma Chicken Karahi Chicken Tikka Karahi Chicken Jalfrezi
Ginger Chicken Butter Chicken Makhni Chicken Chicken Kofta Curry
Palak Chicken Afghani Lamb Karahi Lamb Korma Lamb Karahi
Lamb Bhuna Lamb Jalfrezi Achari Lamb Palak Ghosht
Kunna Lamb Kunna Ghosht Lamb Pasanda Lamb Kofta Curry
Ginger Lamb Curry Shahi Haleem
Gajer ka Halwa Malai Kulfi Kheer Gulab Jamman
Mutanjan Zarda Ras Malai Chocolate Samosa
Ice Cream Lahori Falooda Profiteroles Cheesecakes
Mini Cakes Chocolate Mousse Shot Glasses Mini Eclairs
Mango Juice Guava Juice Lychee Juice Passionfruit Juice
Pomegranate Juice Pineapple Juice Coconut Juice Tropical Juice
Shloer Pina Colada Lime Mojito Strawberry Dacquiri
Tropical Delight Lychee Martini Cherry Dacquiri Wildcat Cooler
Blueberry Mojito


Vegetable Biryani Vegetable Pilau Mattar Pilau Badam & Cashew Rice
Jeera Rice Saffron Rice Plain Rice Pilau Rice


Chicken Biryani Chicken Pilau Lamb Biryani Lamb Pilau
Kabli Pilau


Naan Roti Garlic Naan Coriander Naan
Rogni Naan Poori


Plain Raita Cucumber Raita Zeera Raita Zeera & Cucumber Raita
Tomato & Cucumber Raita Mint Sauce Chilli Sauce Mango Chutney
Plum Chutney Tomato Ketchup Salad Russian Salad

Punjabi Food Catering Service in London

Our Punjabi brothers, we are aware of your tastes and traditions. You will see the accurate colours of your Punjabi heritage through our catering menu.  

Whether you are planning your Punjabi wedding or you are looking for Punjabi festivals catering, we can arrange a marvellous Punjabi catering menu for you.

Our most delicious Punjabi catering menus are below.



  • Aloo Tikki 
  • Veg Money Bags 
  • Veg Spring Rolls 
  • Veg Cocktail Samosas
  • Veg Mini Burgers        
  • Papri Chaat        
  • Chilli Mogo        
  • Chilli Paneer
  • Pani Puri   
  • Paneer Tikka      
  • Mexican Potato Bites 


  • Fish & Chips       
  • Malai Chicken Tikka   
  • Hariyali Chicken Tikka 
  • Mini Chapli Kebabs
  • Tempura Prawns        
  • Mini Meat Burgers      
  • Meat Samosas   
  • Chilli Kofta
  • Chicken Pakora 
  • Shrimps    

Punjabi Food Historic Traditions

Being living in Punjab whether, in Indian Punjab or Pakistani one, is itself is a prodigious experience as the people of Punjab are very welcoming and cool as well.

Without traditional food, Punjabi culture is inadequate. People of Punjab are very close to nature as they consume all-natural and organic food.

Besides this, Punjab is producing wheat, meat, rice and dairy products on a large scale. That’s the reason that Punjabi diet is prominent for its creamy texture and zesty flavours.

And when we talk about the Punjabi heritage then how can we forget about the “Sarson da Saag” which is a mustard leaf curry make in fresh butter and eat with bread called “Makai Di Roti” which made from corn flour. 

Our certified Punjabi chefs know their culture very well, and that’s the reason they cook the food with the same traditional love and passion.

Besides the Sarson Da Saag, we have all famous Punjabi dishes like, Tandoori Chicken, Dal Makhni, and some best desserts like Kheer, which is a pudding of pure fresh milk and rice.

Sweets are the heart of Punjabis. Whether they are celebrating a wedding or engagement ceremony, the one thing that must include is fresh sweets made from milk, Desi Ghee and sugar.

Punjabi sweets or “Mathai” is a combination of skimmed milk, Desi Ghee (Butter Oil) Shaker (Brown Sugar) and love. 

Zarda is another Punjabi dessert that is coloured sweet rice and often caters to the wedding ceremonies. 

So you can join us, and we will cater everything essential for authentic Punjabi traditional ceremonies. 

Our ambition is to deliver food that spreads happiness, love and friendly bondage.