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Sri Lankan Catering

Colour Food Extravaganza

Although the influences from India are certainly notable, the Sri Lankan spice palate is undoubtedly unique, with clever twists, flavour combinations, and cooking techniques that enhance local produce to delicious effect. Distinctive flavours include coconut milk, onion, chilli, cumin, coriander and aromatic spices such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. Our experienced chefs bring you the best and heathiest choices in Sri Lankan cuisine that make us the favourite destination for Sri Lankan parties, weddings and diverse occasions.


Plain Basmati RiceAubergine PrattleMasoor DaalChilli Paneer
Potato & Tomato KuzhambuGinger SambalYogurt SaladVadai
PoppadumsButter ChilliPal Payasam


Plain Basmati RiceAubergine & Fried Potato KuzhambuMoung DaalPumpkin Curry
Cabbage VaraiMour KuzhmabuUrid VadaiPoppadums
Butter ChilliPal-Payasam


Plain Rice & Pulungal RiceAubergine PrattleButternut Squash CurryMung & Masoor Daal
Okra KuchambuBeans VathakalAubergine SambalMour Kuzhambu Lime Pickle
Urid VadaiPoppadumsButter ChilliRasavalli Payasam
Semiya Payasam


Plain Rice & Brown RiceRotiKarunai Kelangu PrattelMoung & Masoor Daal
Green Beans & Pala KottaOkra & Pepper KuzhambuAubergine SambalGreek Yogurt
Lime PickleVadaiPoppadumsButter Chilli
Banana ChipsRasavalli Payasam & Fresh Fruit Salad
Milk ToffeeMysoor PakIndian BarfiSittrundy
MusketDhodalRava LaddoJallabi
Seeni AriyatharamBoondhi LaddoCeylon Rich Cake (Wrapped)Love Cake
Date Cake


NaanRotiGarlic NaanCoriander Naan
Rogni NaanPoori



Who are we

“We are food industry professionals, who are specialised in producing sauces and dressings. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated workers.”

What do we produce

“Our product-range comprises of traditional sauces, like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and barbecue sauce, but we also make special products on request.”

Of what quality

“In addition to the highly skilled staff and quality raw materials, our strict quality-control system guarantees the high quality of our products.”

Quality is important to us

“Our goal is to delight our customers with every single product of ours. We would inspect all our products if we could before they reach our consumers, but, of course, we are not capable of doing so.”