Sri Lankan Catering

Colour Food Extravaganza

While we are delivering tremendous Indian and Pakistani cuisines, yet we have covered our menu with best Sri Lankan Catering services. 

You probably think that Sri Lankan cuisines are almost parallel to Indian cuisines, but there are a lot of variances. 

From spices to cooking methods, some differences give Sri Lankan foods its flavour. However, eating boiled rice with different types of curries is pretty much equal in both countries.

Dawat group is presenting Sri Lankan catering services in London with the years of experience in cuisines and food art.


Plain Basmati Rice Aubergine Prattle Masoor Daal Chilli Paneer
Potato & Tomato Kuzhambu Ginger Sambal Yogurt Salad Vadai
Poppadums Butter Chilli Pal Payasam


Plain Basmati Rice Aubergine & Fried Potato Kuzhambu Moung Daal Pumpkin Curry
Cabbage Varai Mour Kuzhmabu Urid Vadai Poppadums
Butter Chilli Pal-Payasam


Plain Rice & Pulungal Rice Aubergine Prattle Butternut Squash Curry Mung & Masoor Daal
Okra Kuchambu Beans Vathakal Aubergine Sambal Mour Kuzhambu Lime Pickle
Urid Vadai Poppadums Butter Chilli Rasavalli Payasam
Semiya Payasam


Plain Rice & Brown Rice Roti Karunai Kelangu Prattel Moung & Masoor Daal
Green Beans & Pala Kotta Okra & Pepper Kuzhambu Aubergine Sambal Greek Yogurt
Lime Pickle Vadai Poppadums Butter Chilli
Banana Chips Rasavalli Payasam & Fresh Fruit Salad
Milk Toffee Mysoor Pak Indian Barfi Sittrundy
Musket Dhodal Rava Laddo Jallabi
Seeni Ariyatharam Boondhi Laddo Ceylon Rich Cake (Wrapped) Love Cake
Date Cake


Naan Roti Garlic Naan Coriander Naan
Rogni Naan Poori

Sri Lankan Catering Menu

While retaining our traditional expertise in culinary art, we are enchanted to reprise our catering package with Sri Lankan foods.   

We are currently offering a vegetarian food menu for Sri Lankan catering that you can check below.

  • Plain Basmati Rice
  • Aubergine Prattle 
  • Masoor Daal Chilli Paneer
  • Potato & Tomato Kuzhambu    
  • Ginger Sambal     
  • Yogurt Salad Vadai
  • Poppadums 
  • Butter Chilli
  • Pal Payasam

Our Special Ingredient for Sri Lankan Cuisines

Like any other cuisine, the Sri Lankan culinary is full of classic flavours, all-natural ingredients and the one secret ingredient “love”.

So when we talk about Sri Lanka, it would be biased not to discuss the coconut. Almost all Sir Lankan catering menus are incomplete without the addition of coconut.

We use coconut and coconut oil, coconut flesh, chilli powder, turmeric, cinnamon, mustard seeds, cardamom, cloves and fenugreek seeds in our Sri Lankan cuisines.

Sri Lankan Wedding Catering

Weddings are a memorable event in any race, religion and nation. The remarkable thing about these ceremonies is that it reinforces the relationship bonds and amplifies the cheerfulness and loves.

So on this lovely day, we are with you to oblige you what you and your family deserve. 

Just reserve your catering and leave the rest of everything to us. 

Besides the casual catering, we are also offering some wedding-related stuff like decor, floral designs, photography and wedding planning.

And of course, we can’t even envision a wedding without a wedding cake. So our baking experts and artists know very well how to décor a cake for the couple.

Our Motto is to Reprise the Catering Traditions

The business of catering is not something new as the first catering service was held back in 1778 in the United States.

We have been in this business for a long time, and we have our qualified staff, including chefs, bakers, ceremonies or party planners and managers.

We are preparing subcontinental, Asian and desi foods with the help of our certified chefs. Making traditional dishes is not a cakewalk as we have to maintain the same classic taste and flavour because we never compromise on quality.

Our motto is to deliver the best catering service in the western world. We are a team of super chefs, we can achieve our goals. 

Reserve the Catering Today

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